iPad Mini Parts Leak Shows Inner Casing and Touch Screen (PHOTOS)

A recent iPad Mini parts leak lead to pictures of various components said to be for the device showing up on the internet this week.

The images originated on a Russian-language website called Ukrainianphone.com, who received them from a source who visited a factory in Asia.

An audio jack can be located at the bottom of the device in the picture, which matches up to the new iPhone 5 and iPods. They're also rumored to have a nano SIM tray.

The LCD display resembles the screen found on the Kindle Fire and does not match up to the rumored iPad Mini's 4:3 display. This means that these leaks might not be reliable.

Rumors and leaks related to this Apple device started to surface at the beginning of this year. Some designers have taken the initiative and created various mock-ups of the iPad Mini.

There is a new video that has surfaced yesterday displaying a mock-up of the tablet, which incorporates all of the rumors into this fake version of the tablet.
The iPad Mini is expected to be released sometime this month.

Various technology publications have reported that the device has already gone into production and should be ready for shipping within the next two months.

The publications include Taiwan's Economic Daily News, who stated that a bulk of the device's production will be handled by the Chinese firm known as Pegatron.

The firm has secured almost 60 percent of the production orders from Apple, squeezing out the company's go-to manufacturer Foxconn, who was responsible for many of the older iPad models.

The iPad Mini is also expected to be priced the same as the upcoming 5th generation iPod Touch at $299 for the base model.