iPad Mini Release Date Possibly Sept. 12 as Apple Makes Revealing Request

Apple has asked many of its Premium Resellers in Europe to set aside additional table space for iPad displays over the next few weeks.

One of the sources who provided this information to MacRumors.com even cited Sept. 12 as the Apple imposed deadline for final adjustments to be made. Another source confirmed to the site that its store is already working on tripling the amount of display space for the iPad.

The space is being created by removing Apple's MacBook Pro and Mac mini computers from the display. iPod displays, and headphones are also being slimmed down to accommodate the company's request.

No official reasons for this request have been confirmed by Apple. However, the Sept. 12 deadline happens to fall on the same day as the company's rumored media event where it will unveil the new iPhone and possibly reveal the rumored iPad Mini.

This display space could be made for the smaller iPad if it happens to launch next month. However, it is still unclear as to why the company has made this request to its resellers so far in advance. It would have been easier to create space once the device was unveiled.

Another possible reason for Apple's request could be that the company wants to make room for its new tweaked version of the full-size iPad that also might be unveiled at this Sept. 12 event.

MacRumors sources also confirmed that Apple began issuing these plans around 3 months ago and that they are now just going into effect. Part of the reason behind the shift stems from the iPad accounting for 55 percent dollar share and 61 percent unit share among sales at resellers, but they only represent 15 percent of display space. These changes will allow the device to account for 45 percent of showroom space.

However, the deadline date still matches up perfectly to the rumored media event, so this might not be the only reason Apple is doing this.