iPhone 5 2-Per-Customer Purchasing Limit Removed for Holidays

The two per customer purchasing limit for the iPhone 5 has been done away with by Apple.

The company now allows customers to purchase more than two handsets at a time.

This is a sign that Apple's iPhone 5 supply is at an optimum level and that the company will be able to meet the demand of customers during the holiday shopping season.

Ship times have also decreased in countries. Apple is now promising to send out the iPhone 5 models in 2-4 business days as opposed to other areas, where it would take over a week.

An Apple retail source recently told MacRumors that Apple changed the 2-per-customer purchasing rule to 10-per-customer and also increased lifted the 10-per-person lifetime limit, allowing Apple buyers to purchase as many iPhones as they want.

Now, parts of these rules may sound a bit extreme to folks wondering about customers who would buy 10 iPhone 5s at a time, but resellers frequently purchase the devices in large quantities and ship them to countries that don't have them yet. Apple wants to limit the amount in order to keep the demand high in other countries where is it anticipating selling the latest iPhone.

The upcoming iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad 4th generation's releases in China could be the reason why Apple has lifted this limit, as the demand for these devices will be met by Apple themselves very shortly.

However, the iPad Mini still has a two-per-customer limit on it. Customers trying to purchase more than one in the Apple online store will be met with a notice telling them that the limit is two per customer. Then they will be asked to readjust their quantity to meet that limit.