iPhone 5 and 4 Prototypes Undermine Apple Credibility, Police Deny Knowledge

Earlier this week, an iPhone 5 prototype reportedly went missing in a bar, which had most commentators suspicious as to whether the incident was staged by Apple to stir up a buzz for the device.

Just last year, tech website Gizmodo ended up with an iPhone 4 prototype in its possession and was charged by Apple for receiving stolen goods. Gizmodo was not charged for its possession of the iPhone 4 prototype, which was allegedly lost by an Apple employee and found in a California restaurant.

Coincidentally, this week again, an iPhone 5 prototype made headlines when it went missing in a California bar and restaurant.

Apple supposedly used electronic tracing to find its missing iPhone 5 prototype, according to CNET. Upon locating the phone that was allegedly sold on Craigslist for $200, in a joint effort with the San Francisco Police Department, the tech giant traced it to the buyer’s home and came up with nothing when they searched it.

However, the San Francisco Police Department was contacted by SF Weekly this week and denied that any such investigation took place, according to the Webpronews.

SFPD spokesperson Albie Esparza denied that the police helped Apple with searching the buyer’s home to find the missing prototype, and according to CNET, an official police report was never filed during the investigation.

Esparza even denied visiting the suspect’s home.

The case of the missing iPhone 5 prototype has various media outlets skeptical over Apple’s intentions especially after this being the second prototype in two years to be “lost” by an employee of the company.

In Apple’s defense, both Brian Hogan and Sage Wallower were charged with theft, since they allegedly found the iPhone 4 prototype last year and sold the device to Gizmodo for $5,000.

A San Mateo district attorney chose not to charge Gizmodo for purchasing the device after reviewing all the evidence on Thursday.

Whether Apple’s iPhone 5 prototype incident holds water remains to be seen.

But one thing is certain; the company is doing well in stirring up controversy surrounding the release of one of the world’s most popular smartphones.