iPhone 5 Pre-Orders to Start Tomorrow?

With the expected unveiling of the iPhone 5 happening at Apple's media event tomorrow, it is safe to assume that the company might begin offering pre-orders for the device as well.

Apple began offering pre-orders last October at the event where the iPhone 4S was first unveiled, so it will probably use the same strategy this time around. The change in the device's exterior design almost guarantees the iPhone 5 to be one of the best selling smartphones ever.

The pre-orders should officially begin right after the event is over.

Tomorrow will also be the day where Apple fans will find out how much the new iPhone will cost and what three amounts of memory will be released. The iPhone 4S launched with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. It will be interesting to see if Apple launches its base iPhone 5 with 32GB of memory, even though 16GB seems to be the standard at this time.

Prices should stay in the same range with the base model costing $199, the second model $299, and the model with the most memory at $399. Unlocked versions of the device will probably sell for over $600.

There is also the question of what carriers will receive the device. Sure, AT&T and Verizon are shoe-ins, but Sprint has been slow at deploying its LTE network so it will be difficult to have a good launch on the carrier with an LTE iPhone. T-Mobile probably will not receive the iPhone 5 as there have not been many rumors related to that happening and not much LTE action taking place by the carrier in recent days.

Either way, tomorrow is sure to be an exciting day for Apple fans with the long awaited launch of a redesigned iPhone- a device that many have been anticipating since the 4S debut last October.