iPhone 5 Release Date: Apple Sales Will Rocket 20 Percent Through iPhone 4S

The new Apple iPhone 4S may generate a significant boost in sales for Apple, according to a Taiwan analyst group that projects that iPhone sales could climb 20 percent after the iPhone 4S launch.

Trendroce – a Taiwan-based component tracking organization – has said that it expects the 2012 shipments of the iPhone will top 100 million units, with a possibility of topping 110 million.

PC magazine reports that based on a forecast chart, Apple will sell over 80 million iPhones, and possibly up to 90 million this year.

To date, Apple has sold 55.23 million iPhones in 2011, growing about 2 million units per quarter. In the third quarter, it sold 20.34 million.

Without any additional boost from the iPhone 4S, Apple is expected to sell about 77 million iPhones for the year at its current pace.

If Apple sold 90 million iPhones this year and 110 million in 2012, that would equate to a 22 percent increase.

"The iPhone 4S should experience strong demand from consumers who simply want to upgrade to a new iPhone," TrendForce wrote in a release.

It’s been one year and four months since the last iPhone was released so there are market consumers looking to purchase new phones. Aside from the strong market demand, the new iPhone is equipped with high-capacity NAND Flash, which will also trigger a significant growth in the NAND Flash market."

TrendForce analysts believe that a strong market demand remains even though iPhone 4S is a relatively minor upgrade from the earlier version that may disappoint some high-end users.