iPhone 5 Release Date Arrives; Twitter Trend Highlights Consumer Lust for Phone?

Fans of Apple, Inc. often find themselves in a tizzy to get their hands on the company's latest products. In this case, skeptics, perhaps a bit unimpressed with the new iPhone, have taken to Twitter to suggest the lengths some seem willing to go to just to get their hands on the new iPhone 5.

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(Photo: Twitter/‏@Prince_Parker)Prince Parker shared a popular meme on Twitter to highlight the consumer craze over Apple, Inc.'s new iPhone 5.

The term "#ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho" has been riding pretty high on Twitter's Trend List all day Friday, as Apple has opened pre-ordering of the new iPhone 5 today.

Not everyone is in a rush, however, to scoop up the new tech toy, as comments on Twitter have indicated – and some consumers apparently can't even afford the upgraded iPhone, reportedly priced at $199.99 (16GB), $299.99 (32GB), and $399.99 (64GB).

J.D. (‏@iownjd), who describes himself as a "nerd locked in a jock's body," commented on the Twitter Trend, writing, "You have no pillows, sheets, or covers on your bed #butugotthatiphone5tho with a screen protector, cover, and case for it."

Another user named 2Chainz (ChainzLyrics) chimed in, writing, "Ducks feeding YOU bread at the park... #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho."

Joshua Chubb ‏(@king__Joshua), who writes that "victory comes through faith in God and obedience to His Word" on his Twitter accounted, added, "You ain't paid your tithes in 3 months #butugotthatiphone5tho."

"You can only afford to eat one meal a day #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho," suggested TED ‏(@TedsReal), a parody account of the talking teddy bear featured in the motion picture "Ted."

In addition to not eating for three days, being unable to pay the rent and numerous other scenarios, Thomas Mayo ‏(@ThomasRoss) offered, "Your whole world crumbles beneath you when you hear the words 'credit check' #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho."

Consumers skeptical of the new iPhone have perhaps been listening to critics who have suggested that the new iPhone 5, available Sept. 21, is nothing to be too excited about. As CNET breaks it down: there is "no radical new design, no NFC (near-field communication), no higher-capacity memory model, no big leap in battery life," among other aspects notably missing from the iPhone 5. Its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, was released last October.

Readers indeed interested in scooping up the new iPhone 5, however, may have difficulty ordering, as it has been reported that Apple, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have either sold out of the new device, or have significantly pushed back its availability due to a high volume of orders.