iPhone 5 Release Date: Interview on Faith With Apple's New Siri Voice Navigation System

Is it possible for artificial intelligence to hold a biblical world view? Can a computer actually hold to any one specific set of beliefs?

Well that probably all depends on the programmer and their views on certain subjects.

The Christian Post has spent some time with the new iPhone 4S Siri voice navigation system and asked it some hard hitting questions based on the essentials of Christianity.

Question 1

Q: Who is God?

A: Siri simply replied that with all its information and capabilities it was still not able to answer that question. Christians know that God’s existence cannot not be completely understood by any man. His Word and his Son Jesus Christ have revealed many aspects of his nature and glory, but there are still many questions believers cannot answer. Siri seemed to give a valid response to this question.

Question 2

Q: Who is the Son of God?

A: Siri did not reply to this question directly. Instead, the system provided a link to a Google search on this question which mostly found statements saying that Jesus Christ was the son of God. So Siri seemed to give an unintentional Christian answer to this.

Question 3

Q: What is the Word of God?

A: Siri responded to this question by giving a basic dictionary definition on who God is. It described God as “the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe: the object of worship in monotheistic religions.” The system clearly misinterpreted this question. It should have provided this definition when asked who God was in the first question.


Siri does not seem to lean any way from a religious perspective. It is efficient in providing the user with information about the Christian faith, but seems to misinterpret certain questions.

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