iPhone 5 Release Date: iPhone 4S Sells 1000 Units Per Minute, What Will iPhone 5 Do?

Apple is selling 16 iPhone 4S units per second or roughly 1,000 a minute, according to Shawn Blanc of The Next Web.

Blanc calculated this figure based on Apple’s announcement earlier in the day stating that the company sold 4 million iPhone 4S’s within the first three days after its launch.

These figures are also expected to expand since the smartphone will debut in 22 more countries on Oct. 24.

With the iPhone 4S flying off the shelves, Apple is well on its way to surpassing Microsoft’s Kinect as the fastest selling consumer device of all time.

In 2010, the Microsoft Kinect, a motion sensing input device for the company’s video game console the Xbox 360 sold 8 million units in the first 60 days.

Apple is on track to possibly break this record in just two weeks.

Apple is most likely selling the iPhone 4S at such a rapid pace due to the fact that the smartphone was released on three of the U.S.’s major service providers including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Previous versions of the iPhone were exclusively released on AT&T.

Verizon finally gained the rights to sell the iPhone 4 in 2011, but this was long after the smartphone’s initial release in June 2010.

The iPhone 4S was released simultaneously on three major carriers giving it a huge advantage over any of the previous generation Apple handsets.

The iPhone 4 was also released in 5 countries including Canada and Australia along with the U.S.

Apple fans also had to wait for a longer period of time in between the iPhone 4 and 4S as compared to the gaps in between other iPhone releases, so this build up the anticipation resulting in these high sales.

With the enormous success of the iPhone 4S, what can we expect when Apple releases the more highly anticipated iPhone 5?

Not only is the sixth generation iPhone supposed to sport out-of-this-world-specs including a quad-core processor, but is rumored to be the last project Steve Jobs worked on before his death.