iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors Claim Apple Will Launch Device on September 21

It has been reported that the iPhone 5 could have a release date set for September 21, 2012. The new rumors have sparked huge interest among Apple fans who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Apple's next generation smartphone.

Previous rumors had led Apple customers to believe the iPhone 5 would be released some time in October, after claims the device was set for a fourth quarter launch. However, the latest reports have contradicted those claims, and have gone further to specify September 21 as the date Apple users can finally expect to see Apple's answer to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The latest release date claims were made by a French website, App4Phone. According to Stuff.TV: "The site claims that a large Chinese accessory manufacturer has been given the date directly by Apple so that it has enough time to churn out iAccessories – which could now have new dock connectors."

However, other analysts have come out to rebuke those claims, saying that Apple would not give away its release date so blatantly. Apple ordinarily provides no official information regarding its releases before their official unveiling. Especially with the iPhone, previous launches have seen Apple enjoy the speculation and rumors, as the expectation reaches fever pitch by the time the device is shown to the public.

Some analysts still believe an October release date is more likely. The current version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S, was launched in October 2011, and many believe Apple will wait the full year cycle to launch their next smartphone device.

Others have even pointed to the fact that Apple figurehead Steve Jobs died in October last year, and that Apple will look to launch the iPhone 5 as the last device Jobs had a direct influence in, and use the launch to commemorate him.

Others yet had predicted that the huge success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch had sparked Apple to move forward their own release date for the iPhone 5 to try and counter Samsung's sales. August has been tipped as a date Apple are thinking of to unveil the new device.

However, whether the device will be released in August, September or October it seems it is only a matter of months now until Apple fans can see the next generation iPhone device that is sure to set a new standard of smartphone in an increasingly competitive market.