iPhone 5 Schematics Surface Showing Device With 4-Inch Display

It is tough to go one day without some kind of next-generation iPhone leak and today is no exception.

Tech site 9to5Mac leaked pictures of what could be black and white back panels of the next iPhone yesterday and now the site has also released schematics for the new device that shows a design including a 4-inch display.

This new schematic shows that the device has a diagonal opening on it that is slightly over 4-inches. If this design ends up being authentic, than the rumors of the new iPhone sporting a 4-inch display will be true.

According to 9to5Mac's calculations, this opening is less than 0.1-inch over 4-inches. This could accommodate a display that measures at 4-inches diagonally.

The site cannot confirm that this schematic is legitimate, but there are too many signs pointing to a 4-inch display for the device not to feature one at this point.

9to5Mac also released images of a black and white back panel for the new iPhone yesterday.

Both components appear to be made out of metal with an antenna band molded into the back plates.

By examining the pictures of the components, 9to5Mac was able to come to some conclusions regarding the features that will be included on the next-generation Apple smartphone.

The long rumored smaller dock connector is present on the backing and the earphone jack has been moved to the corner of the device.

The speaker grills seem to have been redesigned and there is a new opening in between the camera lens and the LED flash, according to the site. Apple could use this new opening for a second microphone.

The company began including this second audio recording component on the iPhone 4S in order to capture video with higher sound quality.