iPhone 5 to End the Samsung Galaxy S3's Reign?

The day is finally upon us and it is safe to say that the first real competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is here.

Samsung has enjoyed much success with its wildly popular Android device, but the iPhone 5 is sure to make a dent in its sales.

Apple's new iPhone has been anticipated for almost two years as the iPhone 4S left some fans disappointed- they were expecting a completely redesigned smartphone. Everyone wanted a new look for the iPhone with a bigger screen, but when October of 2011 came, it did not happen.

Instead, what fans got was a revamped iPhone 4. This gave Samsung more of an advantage over Apple who seemed to be taking its time implementing new technology into its handsets including 4G LTE and larger displays.

Once it came time to unveil the new iPad with a Retina display and LTE, there was no denying that the next iPhone would have some of these same features. The only problem is Samsung's Galaxy S3 was already on the way, packing a 4.8-inch HD display and 4G LTE connectivity.

Samsung's latest flagship device launched just before the summer and has gone on to sell almost 200,000 units per day with a total of 20 million units sold worldwide. It is clearly the top smartphone in the market right now and has been since its release.

Other impressive smartphones such as the HTC One X have launched along the way, but nothing has garnered the same amount of attention as the mighty S3. However, an iPhone with a 4-inch screen, LTE and a faster processor just might unseat the popular handset.

Apple seems ready to take down the competition and later on today all the rumors and speculation will be put to rest.