iPhone 5S, Low-Cost iPhone Case Drawings Reveal Smartphone's Appearance

New drawings said to be for the cases for the low-cost iPhone and iPhone 5S surfaced this week revealing information on the size and shape of both handsets.

The drawings showed that this new low-cost model, labeled as the iPhone Light in the picture, measures in at 124.44mm height and 59.18mm width. The iPhone 5S is slightly smaller with 123.83mm height and 58.57mm width.

The drawings also point to rounder edges than was reported by publications such as iLounge back in Jan. for the low-cost iPhone. This model will also be slightly thinner than the iPhone 5S at 8.5mm. The next-gen device will feature a body close to its predecessor at 7.7mm.

The side buttons in the drawings match up to iLounges older report, as they are pill shaped on the low-cost iPhone as opposed to the rounded ones on the iPhone 5S. The bottom edge will feature four holes where the speaker is on the low-cost model instead of the larger grille found on the iPhone 5. It will also have a pair of screw holes on each side of the lightning connector, and a single microphone hole located very close to the device's headphone jack.

Case manufacturers are not the most reliable sources for iPhone information. In the summer of 2011 several accessory makers were constructing cases with a rounded tapered design that were supposed to be for the iPhone 5, which actually ended up being the iPhone 4S. That handset featured an identical body type to the iPhone 4.

Apple is expected to launch both the low-cost iPhone, and the iPhone 5S sometime during the fall. The low-cost model will feature lesser specs and come with a plastic shell. The iPhone 5S will receive some signification hardware updates.