iPhone 5S Release to Debut a Device With Bigger Camera and Same Screen Size

The iPhone 5S release should arrive this summer and several analysts have now voiced their opinions on the specs that will end up on the device.

The latest report points to the smartphone featuring the same screen size as the iPhone 5 with a larger camera and new fingerprint technology, according to Topeka analyst Brian White. This is not the first time someone has stated that the handset will feature this innovative fingerprint sensor.

White previously asserted that this new iPhone would feature multiple screen sizes, but went back on that with his latest research note. During a visit to a trade show in China White met with several analysts who confirmed that this new iPhone would have the same screen size as its predecessors.

He also claims that the left side volume and mute buttons will be arranged differently on the new version. This was also confirmed in a parts leak last week. The main selling point of this new iPhone will be the fingerprint technology and will function for the iPhone 5S in the same way that Siri did for the 4S.

White also reported on the lower-cost iPhone which many inside sources seem to be mixing up with the iPhone 5S. This device will be called the iPhone Mini and will have a curved back casing made of colored plastic and will be thicker than the iPhone 5. Pricing for the device could also be higher than White's original prediction reaching as high as $400.

Apple is expected to release two iPhones this year. Many of the reports that have come out have been conflicting with one another. Some point to a bigger iPhone 6, and a low-cost iPhone 5S, and others say the low-cost version will be a completely different model and the new high-end version will be the 5S with the iPhone to arrive in 2014.