iPhone 5S to Feature Better Wireless Charging?

By the time the iPhone 5S comes out, Apple should have a product available to its customers that allows its devices to charge wirelessly more efficiently, according to reports.

Apple's NFMR Wireless Charging Technology
Apple's NFMR Wireless Charging Technology |

Apple filed a patent application last month for a Wireless Power Utilization, which is actually a wireless charging system that uses near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR).

This type of wireless charging would be a big improvement over the current technology, which requires users to put their handsets on a pad in order to juice up. This new technology Apple is working on can charge a larger amount of devices at the same time since it utilizes the NFMR.

"The wireless powered local computing environment includes at least a near field magnetic resonance (NFMR) power supply arranged to wirelessly provide power to any of a number of suitably configured devices," reads the patent application.

All devices expected to receive power wirelessly from the NFMR power supply must be located in a region called the near field.

The patent for this technology was filed on Nov. 10 by Apple.

Technology such as this will also allow companies to release smartphones that don't come with typical wall chargers. Instead, all smartphone users would have to purchase these wireless chargers that would be capable of powering up their devices. However, wires might still be needed to connect the phones to computers or other hardware.

By the time the iPhone 5S is unveiled, this technology could be available. However, it will probably take Apple a bit more time to perfect it.

The next generation iPhone is due out next year and will need some selling points in order to attract iPhone 5 users. Customers who own the latest iPhone already have an extremely fast device with a larger screen, so wireless charging built in could be a selling point.

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