iPhone 5S Unlocked Models Now Available in Apple's Online Store

The iPhone 5S unlocked models are now available in Apple's online store.

The company updated its U.S. internet retailer to begin offering the unlocked SIM free versions of the 16GB/32GB and 64GB models. The shipping estimates are said to be set at 1-2 weeks in comparison to the 3-5 business days that certain U.S. carriers are offering.

Prices are the same as unsubsidized models with the 16GB version costing $649.00, the 32GB version priced at $749.00 and the 64GB model at $849.99.

The iPhone 5S was originally unveiled and released back in September. It comes with a new A7 processor and is the world's first true 64-bit smartphone. Apple stated that it is five times faster than its predecessor the iPhone 5, and runs the newly unveiled Infinity Blade 3 app with virtually no lag.

The device also features the new M7 motion sensor chip which will be able to detect if the user is walking or driving and will work with apps related to the function being performed at a given time. The chip continuously measures motion data, comes equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass and will be useful for a new generation of health and fitness apps.

The long-rumored fingerprint sensor also made it to the iPhone 5S in the form of TouchID.

TouchID can read the fingerprints of users at very detailed levels. The sensor is installed underneath the home button. By pressing the home button, the phone can be unlocked when it reads the user's prints. Thumbprints can be used to purchase items. The home button has been redesigned and features a sapphire cover with a metal ring that senses multiple fingerprints.