iPhone 6 A7 Chip Production Ripped From Samsung, Apple Hires TSMC?

Apple's rumored A7 chip for the iPhone 6 will not be produced by Samsung.

A high-ranking official from the Korean electronics giant recently confirmed that the company still has not received orders from Apple to produce to component. This lack of communication could mean that Apple has shifted its orders to Taiwan Semiconductor Company (TSMC), according to Taiwan's Economic Daily News.

Both Apple and Samsung are operating under an exclusive supply contract for A-series chips, but this contract will expire in June, according to the report. This will allow Apple to hire a different company, which will most likely be TSMC. TSMC is already pressing forward on its plans for a smaller 20-nanometer process and the company is said to be two months ahead of schedule on beginning installation of production equipment for 20-nm chips.

The A7 chip will feature 64-bit computing, according to KGI Securities. This will make for a speedy and energy-efficient computing rendition on mobile devices. The chip was originally meant to launch on most Apple devices in 2014, but the company might push it out sooner for the new iPhone.

Apple will also use TSMC to produce chips for its rumored low-cost iPhone that is expected to launch later this year, according to an older report by China Times. This smartphone will most likely use a variant of the A6 chip that has been shrunken down from 32nm to 28nm process.

Apple breaking its ties with Samsung is no surprise as the two companies are engaged in many legal battles throughout the world. Both company's flagship smartphones are the world leaders in terms of sales and popularity.

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy S4 and Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S some time this year.