iPhone 6 Rumors: iPhone 5, Low-Cost and Next Gen Models Compared in New Video

A new video has been released comparing the iPhone 5 to what could be the rear shells for the next-gen and low-cost iPhone 6, 5S, or 5C and some of what can be seen lines up with the recent rumors that have surfaced.

The video gives a detailed look at the upcoming next-gen champagne colored iPhone and the low-cost blue rear shell. The clip was posted by AppAdvice and it also compares both backplates to the one found on the current iPhone.

All three backplates are a similar size in the video showing that the screen size will probably not increase for the next-gen models. The low-cost model's shell is slightly thicker due to its polycarbonate shell. The main different between the next-gen model and iPhone 5 is the area left for the dual-LED rear flash. This version is also expected to feature a redesigned home button.

The low-cost iPhone, rumored to be named the iPhone 5C, will utilize existing iPhone 5 parts as it is meant to be a replacement for the iPhone 5. The cheaper iPhone is shown in blue in the video but will come in many colors. The company's logo appears in black on the backplate.

The new iPhone 6 or 5S features a shiny metallic Apple logo on the back.

A new photo emerged yesterday showing off the new smartphone in a grayish graphite color. The picture was posted by Sonny Dickson who also displayed some other parts for the device along with other colors. This graphite model could be the fourth confirmed color for the new iPhone that is also expected to launch in slate, white and champagne.

High quality photos of the champagne colored iPhone surfaced on the internet last week.

They were posted by Japanese website ASCII.JP. The site compares the new gold-like casing on the new version of the device to the older white and black iPhone 5 models.