iPhone 6 Rumors: Processor Production to Shift Away From Samsung

The iPhone 6 rumors have finally begun as Apple will assign the bulk of its processor production to TSMC.

Due to the bittersweet relationship between Apple and Samsung that can be attributed to their fierce competitive nature with one another, the Cupertino-based company will lessen its reliance on the Galaxy creator by shifting a bulk of the production of the processor for the smartphone over to TSMC.

Apple signed a deal with TSMC over the summer that could see the company start to make processors for the handset in 2014. Samsung is still making most of the processors for the iPhone and iPad at this time.

The iPhone 6 will mostly feature a processor known as the A8 which could also end up appearing on the next-gen iPad when it is unveiled later this year. According to a report from Korea Economic Daily, TSMC will handle at least 60 percent of the manufacturing for the component.

Apple was originally rumored to launch the iPhone 6 this year, but went with iPhone 5C and 5S instead.

A bigger screen version of Apple's flagship smartphone is still highly anticipated by many of the company's fans. And even though the iPhone 5S packs a new fingerprint sensor, updated camera, and new processor, it still lacks the complete redesign that was expected by some.

Apple was recently caught testing out smartphones with screens as big as 6 inches, according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal. The publication's sources claimed that these larger iPhones were never supposed to launch this year. They also revealed that a 4.8-inch model is the strongest candidate for the company's next smartphone. There is no information on when in 2014 Apple plans to launch its next-gen iPhone.