iPhone App 'Glmps' Captures Footage of Moments After a Photograph is Taken

The iTunes App Store has released a new application Thursday that not only captures a still picture while taking a photo, but also the several seconds of video preceding the picture’s taking.

The app, which was created by the company Glmps (pronounced “glimpse”) is the brainchild of Nick Long, Paul Robinett and Esther Crawford. Their app is also named Glmps after the company that was started by the three who all met while previously working for YouTube.

“For now we are trying to capture a glimpse of a photo moment,” said Robinett in an interview.

According to AllThingsD, Glmps records video from the moment the app’s camera is engaged in order to capture the moments that precede a picture being taken. Its benefit is the ability to capture the memorable moments that lead to the photo’s taking.

The company’s website reads: “Glmps is a magical way to share life.”

They also add that a video is captured with every picture you take.

Once a video is captured it can then be uploaded to Glmp’s website and be shared through Twitter or Facebook . The app can also be used to check in to location-based mobile platform website Foursquare.com.

“You can shoot a video, but most people won’t check in with a video, and photo is lacking to tell the whole story,” Robinett said.

Glmps company principals currently live in Milwaukee, Columbus and Austin to develop and market the app but they eventually expect to all end up in the Bay Area. They communicate via video chatting and email.

Sony released a camera with a similar feature a few years back which cost hundreds of dollars.

But Glmp’s new app which is currently available for the iPhone is free.