Islamic Party Member Renews Threats Against Coptic Christians in Egypt: They 'Will Regret' Supporting Overthrow of Morsi

Assem Abdel Magid, a member of the Islamic party Gamaah Islamiya, has renewed his threats against the Coptic Church and its leaders, who he accused again of supporting what he called a "coup."

Magid insisted that the church and its leaders will regret it, and that the church made a strategic mistake when it stood against the first elected president. Magid was referring to the church's support of the revolution of June 30, which deposed Mohamed Morsi.

In an interview on Al-Jazeera, Magid said the church leaders will be held accountable for what they did, adding that the coup was headed by a religious minority against the majority and a minority of corrupt seculars.

Prior to the Morsi ouster, Magid claimed in an interview on el-Nas Islamic channel on June 9, that, "Coptic communists, extremists, and atheists are calling for demonstrations on June 30" while warning that Copts to not participate in these demonstrations by saying, "Do not offer your children as sacrifices."

Coptic Christians have been subjected to fierce attacks by Islamists since the ouster of President Morsi on July 3 and the breakup of the Muslim Brotherhood's sit-ins in Rabaa el-Adaweya and Nahda squares on August 14.

The attacks resulted in the burning of 82 churches, 32 of which were completely destroyed. This was in addition to the looting and torching of a large number of Coptic homes and shops in various Egyptian governorates.