iTunes Update Released in Preparation for iOS 5 and iCloud

Apple has released an iTunes 10.5 update in preparation for tomorrow’s iCloud launch. The new update has an added “iTunes in the iCloud” support feature added and also adds support for the iTunes Match.

The iTunes Match service allows users to access their entire music library through any iCloud-enabled device by syncing to Apple’s database of 20 million tracks. It costs $24.99 a year. This iTunes upgrade is necessary if users want to update to the free iOS 5 tomorrow.

The updated iTunes will allow users to store their purchases in iCloud, making them available on any Apple device at any time. It will also automatically download your purchase onto your other iOS devices.

Past purchases may also be downloaded at no extra cost. Your iPhone, iPad and iPod will automatically sync together if the devices are on a Wi-Fi network at the same time.

The iTunes update also included 79 security patches, which affected the software on the Windows Vista and Windows 7 version.

Apple is also expected to provide an update to Lion OS X to make it compatible with iCloud connectivity.