Jada Pinkett Smith Facebook Post Offers Reflection and Advice

The day after her 42nd birthday, Jada Pinkett Smith posted a message on her Facebook page about growing up and what she has learned in her 42 years of life.

"Yesterday I turned one year older, and I reflected on where I have been and where I am now. What I learned about myself is this, when I was younger I was not a good problem solver, meaning I had a very difficult time with dealing with my problems in life," she began. "

"I had many addictions, of several kinds, to deal with my life issues, but today, at 42, I have my wisdom, my heart and my conscience as the onlytools to overcome life's inevitable obstacles," the actress continued. "I have become a good problem solver with those tools, and I am damn proud. Thank you for all the love that was given to me for my birthday this year."

"What I hope is that we all continue to gain healthy understanding that life is really about, solving problems, and also about us learning to become masters at solving them," Pinkett Smith said.

But Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't just use her Facebook page as a space for personal relections. She also uses it to offer advice to fans. She recently posted relationship advice for those who visit her page.

"Someone asked me the other day why do people stay with people who treat them bad? To me, the answer is simple… They stay because they don't believe they deserve to be treated better, and the moment one truly believes they deserve better… they do what it takes to change their circumstances which may even mean…leaving because being treated badly becomes… intolerable. You deserve the best and never forget it," she wrote.