Jaleel White: 'Dancing With the Stars' to Do the Urkel Dance? (WATCH)

Jaleel White was announced as one of the new celebrities who will appear on this season's "Dancing With the Stars." White may have an edge over the competition, since he has taught the Urkel dance since 1991.

"Dancing With the Stars" announced its new cast Tuesday on "Good Morning America." One new cast member who stood out was Jaleel White. Although the name may ring a bell for some, others are likely to be far more familiar with his character, Urkel.

Steve Urkel took ABC by surprise, with his first appearance on "Family Matters." Originally slated for a single episode, Urkel soon became the show's most popular character.

In one episode titled "Life of The Party," Urkel insisted that the party goers should dance. He then took to the dance floor and began instructing moves.

"If you want to do the Steve Urkel dance, All you have to do is hitch up your pants, Bend your knees, and stick out your pelvis; (I'm telling you, baby, it's better than Elvis!)".

White tweeted about his new position on "Dancing With the Stars."

"This ain't no Urkel dance best believe! Nap time & rehearsal all day today #teamJaleel really? Wow. I'll work as hard as u push me," White wrote. "1-2-cha cha cha, 3, 4-A-C-L #dwts God look out for ur boy (hands in prayer) Mom this is for you. I love you," he added.

White also shared that he was excited about being reunited with Gladys Knight who was also cast to dance with the stars.

"So honored to be reunited with my first TV mom Gladys Knight #Charlie&Co cir. 1985," White wrote on Twitter.

White played the son of Gladys Knight and Flip Wilson on the CBS series "Charley & Company." The show marked his first television appearance.

WATCH HERE: The Urkel Dance