Jamie Foxx to Play a Villain in 'The Amazing Spider-Man?'

Jamie Foxx may have gotten his start as a stand-up comedian who branched out as a singer-songwriter and bona fide dramatic actor who was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but he may now become the first black villain in a Spider-Man motion picture.

Foxx, 44, was recently the subject of conversation for "The Amazing Spider-Man" sequel's director Marc Webb, who spoke about the actor at a recent press conference, according to ComingSoon.net. While Webb did not confirm what role the actor would take on if he would indeed sign on for the sequel of "The Amazing Spider-Man," he did drop hints about Foxx becoming the villain Electro.

"I think Jamie Foxx is electrifying! I think Jamie Foxx is one of the best actors around today," Webb said of Foxx when asked about the possibility of him appearing in the next Spider-Man film. "He's such a great character actor and he's a really brilliant guy. I would love to work with him and you'll be hearing more on that shortly, I'm sure."

Webb also dropped another hint about the supervillain Electro from the Spider-Man comic series, whose real name is Maxwell Dillon.

"I like Electro," Webb said when asked about his favorite Spider-Man characters. "I'm fascinated by Norman Osborn and the different inflections of him. And Harry. Mary Jane and Gwen are always interesting to me."

The day after Halloween, Foxx also took to Twitter to tease fans about an upcoming role as Electro.

" Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night. Costume fits well," Foxx tweeted.

According to Coming Soon, Webb has an affinity for Spider-Man villains.

"What makes villains interesting to me is what they bring out in Peter," Webb explained. "What challenges they provide for him. What's great about Marvel and other comics is that often there's a pre-existing relationship... It's not just about the physical conflict he has, but the emotional ones as well."

Spider-Man fans took to Twitter to react to the possibility of Foxx playing Electro in the upcoming motion picture that is currently working on casting roles.

"Jamie Foxx is in talks to play Electro in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2," one person tweeted. "He's a great actor so I'm DEFINITELY on board with that."

Another person was surprised at the news that Foxx could play Electro, and criticized Webb's last effort directing "The Amazing Spider-Man", which premiered earlier this year.

"Jamie Foxx is rumored to be Electro in the next Spiderman," one person questioned on Twitter. "A bold, unexpected choice. But I suppose anything is better than the last movie."