Jase Robertson: Caveman for Christ?

 Jase Robertson, who's best known for his sarcastic one liners in the reality TV show "Duck Dynasty," gets serious about faith by sharing his life's experiences in hunting, evangelism, marriage and parenting in his new book, Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl.

Much like his Uncle Si, Jase maintains the humorous approach he's known for as he talks about how he managed to save his virginity until marriage, and the bag of pot a young man brought to a Bible study that he and his wife, Missy, hosted at their first home.

In the book, Jase is open about the anger he felt toward his father who had abandoned him and his two brothers; the uniting power of salvation when his father gave his life over to Jesus Christ; how his father's advice to R-U-N came in handy when a girl offered to let him undress her at a time when he was striving to save his virginity until marriage; and how the birth of his daughter, Mia, has enabled him and Missy to help other parents who have a child born with a cleft lip and soft palate.

Among the stories Jase shares in a chapter about "facial profiling" happened in an airport en route to speak to a Christian men's group in Montana. Since the event was being held right after hunting season, his beard was in "full bloom." After receiving suspicious looks and a pat-down from Homeland Security, he accidentally bumped into a woman who then screamed when she turned around and looked at him.
When he finally reached his gate and sat down, a young boy asked him for an autograph and he logically assumed the boy recognized him from "Duck Dynasty." After receiving the autograph, the boy asked Jase if he could ask him a question.

"Sure, buddy," Jase said. "Ask me anything you want."

The boy replied, "How much does Geico pay y'all?"

"Wait a minute," Jase said. "I'm not a caveman. I'm Jase the Duckman. You know, from 'Duck Dynasty.' Quack, quack?"

"It didn't take me long to realize the boy had no idea what I was talking about," he added.

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