Jason Russell Meltdown Discussed on Oprah: 'I Don't Know Who That Was' (VIDEO)

Jason Russell, the filmmaker responsible for the KONY 2012 YouTube video, recently spoke with Oprah about his eventual breakdown just after the video went viral on the Internet.

In a short amount of time, the world went from never having heard the name Joseph Kony to wearing shirts, bracelets, and handing out fliers to organize a movement against him. The large public reaction was a response to YouTube video made by Russell.

In the short film, Russell talked about the atrocities that are going on Uganda. The video made a plea for people's attention, and attention it received; as of today, that same video has over 93 million hits.

But if the world was shocked by what the video exposed, what happened afterwards was very troubling as well. Within the same month, Russell appeared to have a nervous breakdown. Two videos caught the filmmaker running naked down the street, pounding his fists to the ground.

Little has been said of the incident, however, until now. Russell recently opened up to Oprah Winfrey in a personal interview, explaining what was going on in the video.

"I am slapping my hands down on the ground. As hard as I can, just slapping them on the ground," Russell explained of what viewers saw in the videos after the were leaked across the internet. "Talking to myself, ranting, raving. Talking to myself about good verses evil, God and the devil. It was just very out of control."

Russell had no real explanation, outside of stating the he didn't recognize the person in the video.

"That to me, just slamming my hands down on the ground as hard as I can, I don't know who that was," he said. "I cant … I look at that video and I think 'how sad for him.'"

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