Jay-Z Calls Beyonce 'The Second Coming' of Michael Jackson

Jay-Z has compared his wife Beyonce to the late pop legend Michael Jackson, on a Florida radio station.

While promoting his “Watch The Throne” album with Kanye West, the rapper phoned in to Miami’s WEDR 99 Jams last week and shared some interesting opinions about his wife.

“You’d have to ask [Beyonce] what she’s learned from me, but what I’ve learned from her is the same thing I’ve learned from Mike [Jackson],” said the rapper to the station when asked what he and his wife have learned from each other’s success. “And I know it’s blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator, but I think she’s like, the second coming.”

Jay-Z reinforces his claim by explaining Beyonce’s commitment to putting on the best show possible for millions of her fans, something Michael Jackson always made sure he did.

“The hard work and dedication that she puts into her shows-it just makes you want to work harder at your craft,” said the rapper. “She’s like a machine.”

Beyonce and Michael Jackson both began their careers in groups, with Michael in the Jackson Five, and Beyonce in Destiny’s Child.

Both enjoyed success with their groups, but moved on to pursue solo careers that outshined their previous accomplishments.

Beyonce won 16 Grammy Awards, and Jackson had 13 before his death.

Both artists’ families were heavily involved in their careers.

Both Jackson, and Beyonce also endorsed Pepsi Cola, along with starring in movies and releasing innovative music videos which introduced new dances.

Beyonce follows in the steps of Jackson by giving back to the community which supports her as she is a well known philanthropist.

As far as careers go, the rapper seems to be right, but Jackson’s personal life never appeared stable, while Beyonce seems to keep her private life out of the public eye for the most part, and maintains a consistent reputation.