Jay-Z Reveals Argument With Kanye West Over Magna Carta Holy Grail

Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, the 43-year-old rap mogul, recently revealed that his friend and frequent collaborator Kanye West did not agree with some concepts in his latest album Magna Carter Holy Grail.

West, the 36-year-old rapper, heard some early versions of the songs "Holy Grail" and "Oceans" from Jay-Z's 12th studio album. However, West thought the songs would work on a sequel to the pairs collaboration record "Watch The Throne."

A disagreement ensued, according to Jay-Z.

"[There were] no lyrics on 'Holy Grail' and I recorded 'Oceans' and I played those records for Kanye and he was like, 'no those have to go on Watch the Throne,'" Jay-Z revealed to BBC Radio 1 recently. "So we spent four days arguing about those records and I was explaining to him why it wasn't right for this project and I had a whole idea for making this album called Magna Carta… Holy Grail [part of] the name came after."

While things did not get physical between the two friends, Jay-Z revealed that their entourages might have taken things a bit further.

"…Four days literally arguing… not like fighting," Jay-Z told the radio station. "Well, there was some pushing at one point but not between us, just everyone else got a little excited."

Carter announced his 12th studio album during a three minute commercial that aired during halftime of the NBA Finals' Game 5. The rapper teamed up with Samsung to release it to the first one million Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note II owners who downloaded the free Magna Carta application on July 4 before it's official release on July 9.

In the three minute commercial, Jay-Z appears with renowned Hip Hop producers Rick Rubin, Timbaland, Pharrell and Swizz Beatz. He acknowledged using unconventional methods in his latest project.

"We don't have any rules. Everyone is trying to figure it out," the rapper said in the commercial. "That's why the Internet is like the wild west ... the wild wild west. We need to write the new rules."

Jay-Z gave fans a glimpse of the inspiration behind his latest release.

"Pretty much what the album is about is this duality of how do you navigate your way through this whole thing -- through success, through failures, through all this and remain yourself," the rapper said in the commercial.