Jeep in Pool After Failed Jump: Canadian Daredevil's Feat Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A Jeep in a pool video went viral after a Canadian daredevil attempted to jump the body of water. Kenny McLean of southern Ontario, Canada and his friends thought of the idea last week, but ended up completely destroying the above ground pool instead.

The Jeep flew into the pool's side wall because of the shoddily-constructed ramp the risk takers attempted to use. The beginning of the video focuses on the SUV, which barrels full speed at the ramp, but instead crashes through it and into the pool, barely gaining enough height not to destroy the entire structure. "You did it wrong!" an onlooker yelled.

"This is how we tear down a pool in Southern Ontario," McLean wrote on the YouTube page, where his video garnered almost 280,000 views so far.

However, once the Jeep Cherokee crashed into the pool, displacing a good amount of water, the structure still stood. It took a friend's concrete saw cutting through the wall of the pool before the filthy water could come rushing out. The off-ramp remained unused, and many users were impressed by the dangerous stunt and the resilient pool.

"That pool didn't want to quit," one user wrote on YouTube.

"Takes me back to my youth… it is great to know nonsense like this still goes on," furyiiiplate posted.

"Not much difference between us Americans and Canadians after all," Linkgt added.

The video has appeared on television stations like HLN, and the hits for the viral video continue to grow. McLean even posted a second video of the daredevil stunt with angles from inside the Jeep— that one has 50,000 views and counting.

Though it seemed from the video like both the Jeep and the pool were destroyed, McLean posted that the vehicle still runs fine despite its time underwater.