Jeff Goldblum Stalker Arrested and Held on $5,000 Bail

A 50 year-old woman was arrested after violating a restraining order obtained by actor Jeff Goldblum, who accused her of being a stalker.

Linda Ransom was arrested Saturday night in Los Angeles after violating a three-year restraining order. The order required Ransom to stay 100 yards away from the actor until the date June 12, 2015. At the time of her arrest, Ransom was spotted within 20 yards of the actor at the Ahmanson Theater, where Goldblum was holding a seminar.

Goldblum has appeared in shows and films that include "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" and "Independence Day." He also sometimes holds acting classes, which is how he first came in contact with Ransom 11 years ago, according to reports.

In May of this year Goldblum achieved a temporary restraining order, stating the Ransom had been stalking him since 2001. He made an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a restraining order in 2010, after Ransom was released from a mental home, after being told she must first commit a new offense.

In his complaint, Goldblum stated that Ransom "followed him in public, showed up at his house uninvited, and appeared on multiple occasions at his stage performances in NYC and L.A.," according to a TMZ report.

"I am frightened of Ms. Ransom and feel she poses a serious threat to my personal safety," he said, according to the legal documents that were obtained by the publication.

The temporary restraining order was made permanent in June, after Ransom allegedly lost her composure in court.

"Ma'am, you're acting irrationally," the judge responded to Ransom who was accused of rambling about the need for legal advice and asking irrelevant questions in addition to talking over the judge.

Ransom was spotted by security personnel; she was booked at 2 a.m., according to TMZ and held on $5,000 bail.