Jeffrey Skilling Prison Hearing: Ex-Enron CEO May Have Sentence Reduced by 10 Years (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Tony Gentile)A prisoner puts his arm through the door of his cell in this 2013 file photo.

Jeffrey Skilling is hoping his prison sentence can be reduced by a court on Friday.

The ex-Enron Corp. CEO is already in prison for his part in the massive collapse of the giant company, and has been sentenced to serve 24 years in prison. However, he is hoping that a federal court will reduce that sentence by up to 10 years during a hearing on Friday.

The federal court hearing will take place in Houston, and Skilling is expected to be resentenced to a prison term more in the region of 14 to 17 and a half years.

The resentencing has been arranged as part of a court ordered reduction of his prison sentence. The reduction has come via a separate agreement he has managed to make with prosecutors that will make way for the distribution of around $41 million in restitution to victims devastated by Enron's sudden collapse.

As part of Friday's hearing it is expected that some victims from the Enron scandal will speak to the court, and their testimonies may be given consideration when the resentencing is carried out.

Skilling has been in prison since his conviction in 2006, and any new sentence given out on Friday will have the seven years he has already spent behind bars reduced from it.

Here is a video report on the Enron scandal and Jeffrey Skilling: