Jenelle Evans Arrested Again: 'Teen Mom' Can't Catch a Break

The hits just keep coming for "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans, who was arrested yesterday.

Evans was arrested by the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office and was held at the local detention center, according to reports. She posted $1,000 bond and was released. The latest charges come amid a bizarre case involving Evans' former employer, James Duffy.

"Duffy filed cyber-stalking charges against Jenelle," Leo Daniels, Evans' agent, told E! News. "She has not posted anything about him in a long time. Duffy came up with these accusations … Jenelle was aware of the warrant because Duffy posted all about it on Facebook and Twitter on Friday."

Evans was arrested after returning to her home state of North Carolina. She had been in New York over the weekend to film the "Teen Mom" reunion special.

"When she returned home, she went up to see what was going on," Daniels explained. "She was read the charges and they let her go."

The charges are the latest in a battle between Duffy and Evans. Evans was the first to claim cyber-stalking and file charges against Duffy. E! Online notes that Duffy reportedly posted photos of Evans partying, then also posted her home address and cell number.

"These are the first allegations by Duffy against her, and these charges are completely retaliatory in nature," said Evans' lawyer, Dustin Sullivan. Evans and Duffy are due back in court on March 23. Sullivan is hoping that the new charges will not stick and Evans will be exonerated.

Evans is already on probation for a domestic violence protection order violation in January. She sought treatment for marijuana addiction and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Evans recently tweeted that she was going to give church a try; it remains to be seen if she will continue going.

Hopefully Evans can catch a break on March 23; she could definitely use one.