Jenelle Evans' Husband to Be Released From Jail

Jenelle Evans is trying to move on with her life, but she was back in court today to work out a legal situation with former husband Courtland Rogers. In the end, Rogers worked out a deal and will likely be released from prison in the next few days.

MTV captured every moment of the drama at the courthouse in North Carolina as Evans appeared to deal with her own charges of possession of heroin and assault against Rogers. Her court date was continued to Aug. 12, and her lawyer will continue working to keep her out of jail.

Meanwhile, Rogers went before the court yesterday on the same charges. He and Evans were arrested on April 23, but Rogers remained behind bars because he was unable to pay his bail. Family and friends said that it was better for him behind bars because he would be able to get clean and focus on himself instead of Evans.

"Courtland has worked out a plea deal and he's going to get out of jail in the next day or so," a source told Radar Online. "He was basically given his time served because he pleaded guilty to his charges and now he's going to get out."

Rogers and Evans will likely be back in court but for a much different reason. Evans has repeatedly said that she plans to divorce Rogers as soon as he is released from jail.

The couple was married less than two months before Evans miscarried their child and Rogers apparently left town. She was alone during the ordeal and let her feelings be known through her Twitter account.

"I am getting a divorce, ASAP," Evans tweeted.

"When I spoke with Courtland he was really excited about getting out and living a sober life and continuing a life style in the public eye, but a sober one and one that he makes for himself, not one that comes from his wife Jenelle," Rogers' sister Carson told Radar Online.