Jenelle Evans Plans to Divorce Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans is planning to finally divorce Courtland Rogers after the two were arrested for possession of heroin and assault. Their relationship was a rollercoaster from the very beginning, and now Evans feels it is time to move on.

"Jenelle is telling her friends that she is going to file for divorce from Courtland. She thinks it is hilarious that Courtland is still in jail and she doesn't care. She wants nothing to do with him when he gets out," a friend told Radar Online.

Rogers is in jail waiting for a court date on the latest charges, as well as charges stemming from those filed by Evans, who alleged that Rogers hit her and may have caused her miscarriage earlier this year. He was charged with four counts of assault, including two against an unborn child, and while Evans later dropped the charges, the state decided to pursue them.

However, it could still be some time before Rogers and Evans are officially divorced, since they live in North Carolina.

"In North Carolina, it's very hard to get an annulment, and if you want a divorce you have to be separated for at least one year. So even if Jenelle decides to file, it looks like they'll be stuck with each other for another year whether they like it or not. The good news is that they literally have no assets together, so that part will be easy," another friend explained.

"She knows it takes a year to get divorced in North Carolina, but she wants to end the marriage. Jenelle doesn't like Courtland and doesn't want him back in her life," the friend added.

Rogers' family is happy that he is in prison and hopes that he will get something out of the experience.

"Courtland's mom, Holley, is glad that he's in jail right now because it gives him time to be apart from his wife and think. I do not think Jenelle is the whole issue even though I believe she adds to it. While it appears that she has issues as well, I don't blame her one bit for Courtland's behavior. He is a grown man and has to take responsibility for himself," Rogers' friend Jim Yonkers previously told Radar Online.