Jenelle Evans Rushed to Hospital, Asks for 'Prayers'

Jenelle Evans has a year of ups and downs with her on-and-off-again relationship with Kieffer Delp and struggling to regain custody of her son, Jace. Now, though, the "Teen Mom 2" star has tweeted that she is suffering from ruptured cysts and is "all alone."

"Please send prayers my way. In the hospital once again all alone with no support for a ruptured cysts [sic] that bursted [sic] inside me," Evans tweeted earlier today. She has apparently suffered from ruptured cysts and is being treated for both pain and to ensure she does not have an infection.

Fans have reached out to express their support for the young woman.

"Always praying for you, Jenelle! Love from Brazil! You're gonna [sic] be fine!" tweeted Cla Spice.

Fans also have a question about where Delp has been the entire time. Evans and Delp were traveling in New York and New Jersey together, which led many to believe that everything was fine and that they were in a good place in their relationship. Earlier this week, Evans posted a picture of a Jimmy Choo purse that Delp had allegedly bought her.

Evans has not said yet what caused her to end her relationship with Delp, though the two have always had a tumultuous relationship. They have been arrested together, done drugs together, and Evans even filed domestic battery charges against Delp in the past.

None of this has helped Evans in her attempt to win custody of Jace from her mother, Barbara. Evans has posted several comments saying she wants nothing more than to be reunited with her son, but her actions consistently prove otherwise.

She and Delp were planning to move to New Jersey, which would greatly hinder her ability to regain custody of Jace, who currently lives in North Carolina. If Evans was to leave the state, she might have risked losing any possibility of being reunited with the boy.

For now, though, it appears that Evans will be returning home alone to North Carolina.