Jenelle Evans Self-Harm Claims Made by Former Friend

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is again the subject of controversy after one-time friend Tori Rhyne offered another interview about her recently. This time Rhyne claims that Evans used to self-mutilate using a pair of scissors. Rhyne had previously told Radar Online that Evans was doing drug LSD, however, Evans has refuted those allegations.

"They're all crazy," Rhyne says of Evans' family. Evans' parent's divorce when was younger "just messed with her head," Rhyne claimed, and this traumatic experience later led to her self-mutilating.

"Sometimes you [could] see the blood and stuff," Rhyne adds. "I would actually slap her cuts that she had on her wrist. I know when I did that it was gonna (sic) hurt her a little bit."

Rhyne and Evans were friends at one point, but Evans has repeatedly stated that they no longer have anything to do with each other. Evans used her Twitter account to refute any claims that Rhyne previously made, saying that Rhyne was selling her out for quick cash.

"Why sell me out to a magazine for DUI money when I'm on probation, accusing me of doing drugs when I haven't?" Evans posted as soon as Rhyne's claims were made public. She also said she hasn't "even seen or hung out with Tori in…months."

"Whenever she gets off probation, she said she is going to stop doing acid and smoke weed again. She is going to stop doing everything else," Rhynes revealed.

But with all of this news, Rhynes has stated that she only wants "Jenelle to straighten up her life and start being a real mother. I want her to live happily."

Evans is, in fact, going back to court this month to see about ending her probation. "Jenelle is trying to straighten her life out, and the first step she's taking is going to the court and requesting that a judge let her out of probation," attorney Dustin Sullivan told Radar Online.

"Jenelle has been doing really well," he added. "She is doing everything she is supposed to do and I've seen a big improvement in her life."

This time Evans will not be using Twitter to respond to Rhyne's claim, as she took it down at the suggestion of Sullivan. Evans is expected in court later this month.