Jennifer Capriati Charged With Stalking, Assaulting Former Boyfriend

A former world tennis star was charged in Florida with stalking and physically assaulting her ex-boyfriend stemming from an incident that happened in February.

Jennifer Capriati, 36, was charged with intentionally touching and striking 28-year-old Ivan Brannan as well as "willfully, maliciously and repeatedly" following and harassing Brannan after the couple's relationship ended, according to court documents.

Brannan told members of the North Palm Beach Police Department that Capriati had struck him in the chest several times following an argument that took place at a local gym on Valentine's Day. Her actions were reportedly verified by two individuals who witnessed the incident.

But this was not an isolated incident, as court records show Brannan filed police reports on seven other occasions during a period of time when Brannan claims the tennis star stalked him in the months following their breakup. Court documents also show that Brannan was denied an order of protection from Capriati in September 2012.

But Capriati has maintained that she did nothing wrong and that she was just trying to leave a situation that had become abusive.

"I pushed a man that was verbally assaulting me away from me. This man has been tormenting and abusing me for so long. The truth will prevail," Capriati wrote in a message posted in Twitter.

This is not the first time the Olympic gold medalist has been involved with the police. The three-time grand slam champion was previously arrested in 1993 for a shoplifting incident, which was later resolved, and again in 1994 for marijuana possession.

Since breaking onto the world tennis scene as a teenager, Capriati, once regarded as the best female tennis player in the world, has fallen far from the esteem that was once bestowed upon her.

Although Capriati has not yet been arrested, she was summoned to appear before a judge on April 17.