Jennifer Lopez Fake Fiat Commercial Confirmed as Bogus

A majority of Jennifer Lopez’s Fiat car ad was filmed in Los Angeles rather than The Bronz, New York, the singer’s spokesperson has confirmed.

The commercial depicts J. Lo driving through her beloved hometown in New York in a Fiat, however, just a day after she was accused of filming the ad in a fake location, her spokesperson has come out to confirm the rumors.

"I don't see a problem. There are many cases where films are done the same way," Mark Young, Lopez's rep, told The New York Post on Wednesday.

It has been reported that the singer never even traveled to New York at the time of the shoot to take part, despite the ad giving that impression.

Sources connected to the “My World” commercial production have indicated that the popular actress was never in the car when the ad shows her driving through the Bronx in New York City.

It has been reported by The Smoking Gun that the scenes were actually filmed in Los Angeles, and it was simply made to look as though J. Lo was driving through New York.

J. Lo, who grew up in the Bronx, is shown driving through her hometown in the ad whilst a voiceover says: “This is my world. This place inspires me.”

Other eye witnesses who were shown in the ad have confirmed that it was not J. Lo that was used in the original shoot but simply a body double.