Jeremy Lin Reveals 'Secret' Handshake That Brings God Into Every Game

New York Knicks guards Jeremy Lin and Landry fields unveiled the secrets behind the handshake that they perform before games, revealing that God and the Bible are vital parts of their pre-game custom.

Lin and Fields, both 23-year-old Christian guards, took to the Asian-American Harvard graduate's YouTube channel to let fans in on the secret behind their handshake that people have been inquiring about.

"A lot of you have been asking us about our handshake, so he's gonna take us through it," Lin said in the video while appearing next to Fields. "Landry how does it work?"

Fields walked the audience through the first step to the handshake, which includes the pair exchanging two high fives, one hand at a time. The second step, Fields described as showcasing the genius of the pair who received their educations at Harvard and Stanford.

"Step 1 has no meaning at all, it's just something to start it off..right, left high five," Fields explained. "After that we put on our spectacles. The spectacles signify our connection, Stanford and Harvard..basically geniuses."

The next step in the handshake involves opening a book, in which Lin joked about the meaning.

"You guys ask what book are we reading," Lin said in the video. "It's the yellow pages so we can find the nearest tanning salon for Landry."

Fields shared in the joke with Lin before explaining the true meaning of shaping their hands into a book during the pre-game custom.

"It's actually a Bible, which symbolizes our faith in God and our whole purpose of life," Fields said.

Lin described the act in which he seems to flip through the pages of the pretend book in Fields hands before each game.

"So I'll flip through it, read a couple pages, come up with a verse," Lin explained. "(I) try to bring a different verse every day. But my memory is not that great, so sometimes I have to repeat verses."

After the pair go through the Bible portion of their handshake, Fields described them pointing to God to once again signify their faith.

"Go back and take the spectacles off. (We) put them in our shirt because that's where all the smart people put them," Fields said. "And after that (we) point up to God, once again signifying our faith, in case you didn't hear us the first time."

Although the two end their handshake with a standard pat on the bottom that is often used among athletes, the biblical message that appeared at the end of Lin's video spoke about the importance of people encouraging one another.

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. 1Thessalonians 5:11," the message at the end of the video read.