'Jessica Jones' Season 2: Trish Pursues Probe on IGH

Facebook/MarvelsJessicaJonesTrish will investigate the IGH in the next season of "Jessica Jones."

Trish (Rachael Taylor) will continue her investigation on Will Simpson (Wil Traval) and his connection to IGH in the next season of "Jessica Jones."

New promo photos released (via Comicbook Movie) for the new installment shows both Trish and Jessica (Krysten Ritter) ready to continue their mission to save lives. Trish looks confident as she takes a stroll in the streets of New York City. Jessica is shown in her signature leather jacket and black boots.

One of the expected quests they will take is to investigate Will and the IGH.

During the last finale, Trish and Jessica witnessed how Will changed after he became involved with the mysterious organization. He wanted to kill Kilgrave (David Tennant), but the women believed it was not right.

Ever since Will ingested the super pill from IGH, he became aggressive. He started to lose his humanity and became a dangerous fighting machine. IGH is said to be creating an army of super soldiers, with Will as one of the leaders. Trish's concern for Will's condition is expected. After all, they were once romantically involved. Her work as a journalist will also push her to learn more about the mystery.

Incidentally, more IGH secrets will reportedly be revealed in season 2.

According to spoilers, Jessica is set to meet one of the organization's crazy scientists. Dr. Kirby is said to be the mad inventor named Karl Malus in the comics. He is rumored to be one of the villains she will face in the show.

Jessica's interest in the IGH started when she discovered that it paid for all the operations she had many years ago. She and her parents were involved in a terrible accident. Jessica is the only survivor. Dr. Kirby may the break she needs to infiltrate the organization.

"Jessica Jones" season 2 is rumored to air sometime in 2018.