Jessica Simpson's Bachelorette Party Details: Star Celebrates Final Days Before Wedding

(Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)Actress Jessica Simpson is helped with her dress by actor Eric Johnson.

Jessica Simpson is celebrating her final days as an unmarried woman ahead of her wedding to Eric Johnson this week.

The 33-year-old star has been vocal about her preparations ahead of the wedding, such as her efforts to lose weight, but Simpson also enjoyed one last night out ahead of saying "I do" over the weekend. According to insiders, the fashion mogul was joined by friends and family on a co-ed bachelorette celebration in Los Angeles on June 8.

"It wasn't about being naughty," said a source close to Simpson, according to "They just wanted a great night out with her friends and family."

Instead of a typical bachelorette party that only sees the bride-to-be out with her girlfriends, Simpson and Johnson opted to hold a joint celebration at L.A.'s Warwick. The couple hosted around 40 people including their bridesmaids, groomsmen, as well as each of their parents.

"They didn't want a traditional bachelor-bachelorette where they go off and do their own thing, because our group of friends is so close we just wanted to all be together," a friend of Simpson's who is also a bridesmaid, Stephanie Terblanche, told People.

"This is what we would do anyway," she added. "We would all go out, and I think this speaks for the group. If we are not going to be at someone's house hanging out playing beer pong, this is the closest thing to it."

The night out also included dinner, toasts, and dancing- a refreshing deviation from the wild parties featured on movies about bachelor/bachelorette parties, such as "The Hangover." However, Simpson was photographed on her way out of the celebration appearing disseveled.

"[Jessica and Eric] were just excited to have some fun and celebrate with the people they love," the insider at People added.

Simpson and Johnson, who share two children together, are expected to tie the knot shortly as Simpson recently revealed that they are "very close to sending out our invites," according to USA Today.