Jesus' Face on a Pancake? Good Friday Miracle, Says Woman (PHOTO)

Jesus' Face on a Pancake? Good Friday Miracle, Says Woman (PHOTO)

The face of Jesus appeared on this pancake on Good Friday, April 18th, 2014 , says Karen Hendrickson, a north California restaurant owner. | Karen Hendrickson

Jesus' face appeared on a pancake, according to the owner of one Southern California restaurant. Karen Hendrickson of the Cowgirl Café in Norco, Calif. believes that the face of Jesus Christ was burned into the face of one of her pancakes on Good Friday.

Jesus face on the pancake wasn't a random occurrence either, Hendrickson said— the night before, she had prayed "Dear God, please just continue looking over the Cowgirl Café." The next day, she found the iconic image of Jesus staring up at her from a plate.

"For this to happen on Good Friday, I truly felt it was a miracle, and I'm not even a deeply religious person," she told USA Today.

"He's got a mustache and a beard," she told Death and Taxes magazine. "And looks like he's got a receding hairline here."

Despite some people saying that the face in the pancake looks like other well-known people— some have claimed the face is of Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allen Poe or even Charles Manson— she said she will preserve it in her restaurant for as long as she can.

"He's still with us in the freezer," Hendrickson explained. Her sister said maybe she could "try talking to a taxidermist and see if they have any ideas … People told me to shellac him. I wanna keep everything the same. I'm hoping I can do it without it deteriorating, but I'm not sure."

Whether Jesus' face in the pancake lasts long or not, Hendrickson said that it let her know the café, which she owns alongside husband Gary, is being watched over.

"I thought at first it was a sign for me, that He's going to continue looking after us," she said.


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