Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Jesus Toaster Flying Off Shelves, Critics Call It Blasphemy

Jesus Toaster Flying Off Shelves, Critics Call It Blasphemy

Sales of the Jesus toaster are through the roof, and fans have begun placing their requests for celebrities, including NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

The Jesus toaster, which retails for $34.95, sears Jesus' face into bread and the hot item is reportedly flying off the shelves, according to ABC news.

“We were getting two or three thousand orders a day for a couple days there,” creator Galen Dively boasted to ABC. An increasing number of buyers are deeming the creative appliance ideal particularly for “priests or preachers,” Dively said.

Last month, The Christian Post reported that the Jesus Toaster was on sale, and while the response was overwhelmingly positive, some were critical. Intrigued fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts and many ridiculed the toaster, while critics questioned the morality behind it.

"Yes, this constitutes blasphemy/profaning of the Sacred Image. RT @ABC Jesus toaster sales are hot, Vermont seller says," @AquinasFTW tweeted.

When asked about whether he has received any complaints, the 46-year-old said, “no death threats or mean letters."

Regardless, Dively appears to have had the last laugh with Christmas shoppers said to be flocking to his Burnt Impressions website in droves to place their orders.

Dively also offers the toaster in variations, including a Virgin Mary toaster and a Peace toaster, but the Jesus version is said to be “by far” the most popular. Fans cannot seem to get enough of it, with some now forwarding personal requests for their preferred variations of the toaster.

“A half-dozen or so people have asked about Tebow...that, and Elvis. People always want Elvis.”

Dively takes a lighthearted approach to his work and displays a great sense of humor saying, “And it’s political season. Once we find out which Republican will go up against Obama, we’ll do him, too."


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