Joan Rivers Slams 'Glee' Characters: 'Fat Girl,' 'Cute Asian,' and Worse

Joan Rivers slams "Glee"- the popular musical high school drama- in her newest book, titled "I Hate Everyone Starting with Me." The comedienne is known for her brash style and rude humor, and they come across heavily in the book.

Joan Rivers slammed "Glee," aiming especially at one of its most prevalent characters: Rachel, the fame-obsessed singer, played by Lea Michele. While her character is designed to be young and over-the-top, Rivers attacked her for her real life age.

"Lea Michele isn't in high school- she's a 37-year-old woman," wrote Rivers. "The only way Lea Michele is in high school is if she's part of some bizarre religious cult and she's come back to school with bombs strapped to her boobs."

The television personality also blasted Harry Shum Jr., who plays dancer Mike Chang on "Glee." While her attacks were limited to Lea Michele's age, she got much more personal with the "cute Asian boy" and his finances.

"You know that cute Asian boy who plays a freshman? In real life he's a thirty-year-old man and he's upside down on a mortgage in Burbank," she wrote.

Rivers also felt that the portrayal of homosexual youth on "Glee"- a regular part of the show explored by gay characters like Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer- is unrealistic.

"On 'Glee,' all the homo kids are smiling and giggly and they spend every day singing in the halls," she wrote, unabashedly using the derogatory term. "When I went to high school, the homos spent most of their days hiding in their lockers, crying!"

There is one part of the show she feels is genuine, though: Mercedes Jones, who is played by Amber Riley.

"The only true character on Glee is the fat girl because in real life she is a fat girl," wrote Rivers.

Because of the book's racy humor, it has been banned from Costco- something the 79-year-old is proud of.

"We are the first book ever banned from Costco," Rivers told the Today News Gazette. "These are people that sell K-Y jelly by the pound. They banned my book because it's wild, it's outrageous, and it's hilarious. If The New York Times thinks it's okay, I would rather have them than Costco."