Jodi Arias Trial: Defense Begins With Ex-Boyfriend's Testimony

Jodi Arias' trial resumed yesterday, with her ex-boyfriend taking the stand in her defense. Daryl Brewer, Arias' ex, may have helped the prosecution more than the defense, however, according to testimony given in court.

Brewer and Arias met while they worked at a resort in California and "fell in love," he testified. Brewer then described Arias as a "responsible, loving, caring person," according to Radar Online. However, he also revealed that she was fond of taking X-rated photos, similar to photos seen of the victim, Travis Alexander.

During cross examination by Juan Martinez, Brewer told the jury that Arias had asked him if she could borrow gas cans for a "long trip" to Arizona, which is where Alexander lived. He did not provide the gas cans, and the possible damage from his testimony remains to be seen.

HLN host Nancy Grace tweeted throughout the trial yesterday. She has been an outspoken opponent of Arias and has made several claims that Arias is guilty and should receive the death penalty, the same as anyone else.

"The defense kicks off its case, they put her old lover on the stand & I think it backfires," Grace tweeted yesterday. "On the stand: Jodi Arias' fmr (former) lover says she asked about gas cans right before Travis Alexander's murder."

Grace also got hold of the defense's witness list, which reveals the upcoming strategy to save Arias' life. She noted that the list "includes a domestic violence expert - but the state's case alludes to no physical violence whatsoever."

Arias is charged with the murder of Travis Alexander, who was found dead, with 27 stab wounds, a gunshot wound to the head, and his throat slit from ear-to-ear. Arias has maintained her innocence by providing three different, conflicting stories about her actions at the time of the murder.

If found guilty, Arias could be sentenced to the death penalty, making this trial one of the most watched since that of Casey Anthony. The defense will continue presenting its case today.