Jodi Arias Trial Live Stream: Watch Online Murder Trial as Arias Gives Testimony (VIDEO - WATCH HERE)

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Photo: Jodi AriasJodi Arias and Travis Alexander

The Jodi Arias trial continued Tuesday as Arias again took to the witness stand to give further details about what happened on the day of Travis Alexander's boyfriend. The trial can be watched online through free live stream via the player below.

Arias, so far has been on the stand for more than a week, offering details of various aspects of her life. Some of the information has shocked watchers for its graphic portrayal of her sexual experiences, as well as allegations of an abusive childhood, struggles with finances, jobs and relationships.

However, until today Arias has not mentioned the killing of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, who was murdered in 2008.

Many across America are awaiting details of the day and what happened the day Alexander was killed, and how it is she can try to justify repeatedly stabbing him, slitting his throat, as well as shooting him in the head.

Defense attorneys reportedly are attempting to paint a picture of Arias' life that can gain sympathy with the jurors at the trial, so that she can avoid the first-degree murder charge, which if convicted of, could see Arias face the death penalty.

Alexander meanwhile will allegedly be portrayed as a hypocrite, who led people to believe he was a devout Mormon, but who secretly deceived those who allege to have known him well. Analysts believe the defense team will paint him as a philanderer and hypocrite, who bullied Arias through their relationship, and caused her to fear for her life.

Early last week Arias described one sexual encounter with Alexander, saying she awoke one morning to Alexander already having sexual intercourse with her. She claims that the incident took place in May 2007, which is approximately a year before he was murdered. She told jurors that she did not fight Alexander off, but that she was extremely uncomfortable because she believed they were violating the teachings of the Mormon Church, which teaches that sex should only take place after marriage.

Arias had previously told jurors how Alexander had made repeated sexual advances early on in their relationship, and that he converted her to Mormonism during their relationship.

She has claimed that Alexander, a Mormon, persuaded her to become a member of the Mormon Church and even performed her baptism in late 2006. Arias claimed that she did not fight Alexander because she felt she was partly to blame for what was happening: "I felt like I was partially responsible because I went to sleep next to him. I was wearing a T-shirt, cute shorts. I just felt like being in his bed, sleeping there, it wasn't entirely his fault, like maybe it was invited."

Throughout Arias' defense, her attorneys have repeatedly brought up Arias' Mormon faith and beliefs while painting her as a victim to Alexander's domineering personality, portraying him as someone who belittle and bullied her through their five month relationship.

Arias though has changed her story numerous times, initially telling authorities that she was not at the murder scene at all, before changing her story to blame the murder on masked intruders. She finally has gone with the defense of self-defense, claiming that Alexander attacked her and she only killed him as she was fighting for her own life.

Meanwhile prosecutors have claimed that Arias killed Alexander in a jealous rage, stabbing and slashing him 27 times, as well as slitting his throat and shooting him in the head. Alexander's friends have also claimed that Arias stalked Alexander after they broke up, and that she became possessive and jealous.

Here is a live stream of the Jodi Arias trial: