Judge Judy Sued for $500,000 for Fraudulently Acquiring Expensive Dishes?

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(Photo: CBS via The Christian Post/File)This file photo shows Judge Judy on her popular daytime show.

Judge Judy is being sued by a plaintiff who claims she helped to fraudulently keep some expensive $500,000 china dishes from her.

According to a lawsuit, Judge Judy allegedly bought bought some expensive dishes from one of the producers on her show.

The suit claims that producer Randy Douthit sold Judge Judith Sheindlin china after his split from wife Patric Jones, according to celebrity news website TMZ.

The dishes were worth an estimated $500,000 but the plaintiff in the lawsuit, Patric Jones, has said that Judge Judy only paid 10 percent of that value, $50,000.

Jones has claimed that the TV judge entered into a fraudulent scheme to prevent her from obtaining the expensive items in the divorce with Douthit.

According to the lawsuit, Jones now wants Judge Judy to either hand over the dishes, or to hand over a monetary value equal to the value of the dishes.

However, even though TMZ claims to have seen the lawsuit, Judge Judy has told the celebrity news website that to her knowledge no such lawsuit has been filed.

Judge Judy has said, "I have not seen any complaint by the former Mrs. Douthit, however, I don't owe this lady a cent. And if this 50-year-old woman would spend her time more productively at trying to find a job, instead of abusing the judicial system with frivolous lawsuits, we would all be a lot better off."

Judge Judy's show features Sheindlin adjudicating real-life small claims disputes within a simulated courtroom set. Prior to the proceedings, all parties involved must sign contracts, agreeing to arbitration under Sheindlin.

In February 2006, Sheindlin received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—during the court show's 10th season—making her the first television judge to receive the honor.

Judge Judy has been the highest-rated show in all of daytime television since the 2009–10 television season (the show's 14th season), even surpassing The Oprah Winfrey Show during the talk show's final two seasons on the air.

Here is a video of some clips of some of the best bits of top TV show Judge Judy: