Julianne Moore and Daughter, 10, Walk NYC: Pair Looks Like Sisters?

Julianne Moore apparently has no fears about the second storm about to hit New York. She was spotted with her daughter, Liv Helen Freundlich on Wednesday, walking the dog. And according to sources, the two looked much the same.

The Emmy Award-winning actress was born in North Carolina but moved to New York after marrying director Bart Freundlich. Freudnlich met Moore while on the set of "The Myth of Fingerprints" in 1996 when he was 26 and she 35. The couple married in 2003 and moved in to a Greenwich apartment where they now currently live. They have two children.

Moore's next movie is titled "Children of Men." Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, it is set to be released in theaters on Jan. 5. In the past, the actress has explained that her family life is important to her, and that she tries to only pick movies that won't interfere with family life.

"We have a very solid family life, and it is the most satisfying thing I have ever done," Moore said during a 2009 interview with Harper's Bazaar. In a second interview with the Guardian, she compared herself to a soccer mom.

"Just like every other working parent,"she told the publication, "I'm trying to figure out: 'How do I work, how am I available for soccer games, how can I make sure that I'm home when everybody's doing their homework.'"

Despite her award-winning acting, Moore is known for her down-to-earth manner, which often includes leaving the home with no makeup. However, that didn't stop passerby from staring at the 51-year-old mother and her daughter, who, at 10 years of age, looks very similar. Some publications stated that Moore looked more like a sister than a mother.