Justin Bieber Apologizes to Korean Fans for Visiting Controversial Japanese War Shrine

Justin Bieber says he recognizes his responsibilities after offending Korean fans.

Bieber, the 20-year-old Canadian singer, took to Twitter to share images of himself in Japan last month.

However, Bieber's decision to showcase his trip last month was hurtful to some Korean fans. Now, Bieber is making sure to issue a public apology for offending his fans from Korea.

"Found out that when i was in Japan I hurt my fans in Korea when visiting that shrine. That was never my intent," Bieber tweeted. "I love Korea. Im sorry."

The singer went on to insist that he did not intentionally want to offend anybody.

"I would never do anything to hurt my fans. I love all people," he tweeted. "My heart goes out to the people of Korea at this time. love you."

Bieber decided to accept the responsibility for his actions.

"I understand the responsibility of my position," Bieber wrote. "I love all people. Keeping it positive."

The apology comes on the heels of Bieber recently issuing an apology to those he offended in China. He took to Twitter to share images of himself at the Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo which houses 2.5 million war dead, according to ABC News reports.

The shrine also holds Japan's 14 convicted war criminals, and defends Japan's wartime aggression. ABC News reports that places like China and South Korea see Yasukuni as a place that does properly symbolize the struggles associated with the country's war history.

Qin Gang, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, even spoke out about Bieber's visit to the shrine.

"I hope this Canadian singer, after his visit, can have some knowledge of the Japanese militaristic history of external aggression and their militaristic thinking," he said, according to ABC.

Bieber later took to his Twitter page to apologize, stating he had no idea about what the shrine symbolized.

"I was [misled] to think the Shrines were only a place of prayer," Bieber wrote. "To anyone I have offended I am extremely sorry."